I love participating in discussions and sharing knowledge with business owners

Cee lo Green

Had a chance to meet one of my favorite artist of all time

Mom's All In

Speaking at the Mom's All In conference. Great time!


I had a chance to sit down with the legendary
Lou Gossett Jr.

My Biography

Kevin C Pride

My path from unhappy employee to successful business owner has not been an easy one. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, some bad calls, and spent way too much money on the wrong things along the way. I focused too much on tools and tech in the beginning and not enough on my own marketing. The cash didn’t flow and I was always on the hunt for the next gig.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I share that knowledge with the clients of Influencer365. We’re way more than another digital marketing agency. We dig deep into our clients’ business to help them build up from the inside, not only structuring a custom marketing and branding plan, but aiding with internal struggles as well, like infrastructure, communication, motivation, and accountability.


The life of an entrepreneur can be exciting, but is often lonely and isolated. And far too often, we only learn from costly mistakes.
It is my professional mission to reach out to new and upcoming entrepreneurs to provide them with the knowledge and tools they’ll need to succeed. With the right mix of skills and know-how, we can cut their learning curve and accelerate their rate of growth, helping them achieve their dreams all that much sooner.

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