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Atlanta, GA — On October 25th, industry influencers gathered to discuss the issues most important to business growth in the digital age. Influencer Discussions is the first event hosted by the marketing agency Influencer 365. The event will take place at the film and television incubator Cinema Park in Downtown Atlanta. Top industry leaders will network with their peers, learn best business practices and share insights on the Marketing Trends to Track for 2019. 

“If your business is not doing the proper things on the internet and social, you’re losing,” stated Influencer 365 Chief Executive Officer Brian Brown. “Our goal is to help business owners increase their digital footprint and capture the attention their business needs.” 

Influencer Discussions will be hosted by Marc Parham, of the Capbuilder Network, a National organization that helps to provide business development services. Some of the topics that will be discussed are; effective social media tactics, how to develop your brand, search visibility and much more.  


“Our goal for this event is to connect with business owners to provide them with the knowledge and tools to succeed”, stated Kevin Pride, Chief Financial Officer of Influencer 365. “With the right mix of skills and know-how, we can cut their learning curve and accelerate their rate of growth, helping them achieve their dreams all that much sooner.” 

In addition to the discussions on digital marketing, special guest Abraham Xiong will be discussing how business can capitalize on acquiring government contracts worth millions. “I really enjoy working with business professionals to facilitate growth opportunities, especially in the government and blockchain sector,” stated Abraham Xiong, President of the Government Contractors Association. “Every year the government grants over a billion dollars in government contracts, why shouldn’t your company be one of them?” 

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